Top Tips for Mompreneurs to Increase the Productivity

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Starting a venture, operating it and raising kids – all simultaneously can be prove to be quite challenging. It’s absolutely the mother’s choice when she wants to start her venture. Some mothers would prefer to wait till their kids start going to primary school while, some take the plunge when they are still breast feeding their little one. There’s no right time or wrong for a Mom to start her business. Just plan in advance and stay focussed to achieve your Mommy goals as well as business goals.

Often, juggling the multiple responsibilities take a toll on the Mompreneurs, which hampers their efficiency and productivity in the family front and also, in their work front.
Here are 5 Tips for Every Mompreneur to Increase their Productivity

Don’t join the Supermom Bandwagon!

No you’re not a wonder woman or super human! The sooner you accept it, the better. You simply cannot do everything, even if you want to. You cannot make fancy snacks for your kiddos daily like the other moms and don’t feel guilty about it. Hire assistants to help you with your domestic chores and also, delegate some of your business tasks to a specialist. It is better to pay and get certain specific work done by the experts rather than wasting time behind doing it all by yourself. Instead, why not focus on executing the work that you’re really good at.

Is there too much on your Plate?

Although, we Moms take pride in the fact that we are avid multi-taskers, but let’s be realistic. We are mere human beings after all and our brain cannot give 100% to every task we take up. So, in order to increase your productivity, take up each task at a time and give your best shot at executing it. Trying to get multiple tasks done all at once will only slower the process.

Schedule it!

Have fixed work timings and let your kids know that mommy should not be disturbed during those hours (unless, of course there is an emergency). By following a particular routine, you will be satisfied by getting a lot of your work done within the stipulated time and not end up feeling as if you have worked all –through the day, yet got so little done. With a proper schedule in place, you will remain more focused and as a result be more productive.

Start Early

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I have tried getting my work done in the late hours, after the kids are off to bed. But that doesn’t help as much as starting early in the morning, does. Try waking up at least an hour before your usual time and go to bed one hour early. That should balance out your sleep hours. Trust me, kick start your day early and you will stay focused and as a result, will get a lot more work done.

Social Media Messages can Wait!


Every day, I battle with myself to not get deviated by the social media updates (particularly Facebook and WhatsApp) during work hours. They really have the potential to distract you and waste a lot of your time. I am not saying, boycott social media messages completely but just don’t let it come in your way when you are working. Remember, we Mompreneurs need to get the maximum done in a limited amount of time.

De-clutter and Organize

One of the keys to increasing productivity is by working in a clutter free zone. Make sure that your desk is not a dump yard and also, work at a place where there is not much noise. ‘Noise’ affects productivity in a big way. I love working in the early mornings when everyone’s still sleeping or in the afternoons, when my son is away at school and the little one takes her afternoon nap- no T.V noise, no constant nagging by my wee duo.

A Good Night’s Sleep

To stay productive and alert throughout the day, you need to sleep tight at night. Often, the accumulated stress of day to day life comes in the way of getting adequate sleep. In that case, unwind yourself by taking a stroll in the park, before you hit the sack, or read something light. You can also try sipping a cup of chamomile tea post dinner. Your nerves need to be soothed to be able to sleep properly.

Exercise daily!

With regular exercise, you can successfully keep your anxiety at bay. This is because when you exercise, a hormone called ‘serotonin’ is released by the body, which improves your state of mind and helps in coping with stress and pressure. So exercise everyday to stay alert and be more productive!

Get off the Guilt- Ride

There’s no good mother or bad mother. Everyone comes with their individual strengths and weaknesses. If you have an important deadline to meet, because of which, you can’t accompany your child to her friend’s birthday party, don’t kill yourself over it. That doesn’t make you a horrible mom. Also, don’t feel guilty, if you can’t cook fancy meals for your family daily. If you really love cooking, why not cook nice dishes over the weekend? If you constantly feel bad thinking that you’re not doing enough as a mother, it will only affect your productivity at work. So, be confident and execute your project successfully. You can always spend some quality with your kids and hubby on holidays or when you’re not working.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember the old saying, ‘health is wealth’?! You must take good care of your health and eat the right food on time. Also, keep yourself hydrated. So, no matter how busy you are, remember to eat healthy meals on time, otherwise you won’t get the required energy to run your business, along with raising your children and managing your home.

All said and done, do take breaks in between your work. Grab a cup of Latte (or any drink of your choice) to get yourself going. It’s all in the mind. So, train your mind accordingly, set short term goals and work towards achieving them. Be positive and organized- that’s the ultimate key to enhance your productivity as a Mompreneur.

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