Why I Choose to Give Homeopathy to Children?

Cold, colic, irritation, worms etc. are the common causes of discomfort in our little ones. Until and unless, the symptoms are severe, I usually give both my kids homeopathy medicine.

For all Types of Physical Ailments

Homeopathy has proven to treat acute conditions as well as chronic disorders. In fact I have heard cases, in which Homeopathy has worked wonders in treating disorders like asthma, arthritis etc.

Homeopathy- My First Choice for My Children


There was a phase, when my son was about 4 years old, developed wheezing problem. He was on homeopathy medicine for some time and gradually the wheezing symptoms disappeared with time. When my children were teething, I remember giving them a particular homeopathy biochemic composition, which completely averted the associated teething symptoms in my children, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, irritation etc. For tummy trouble too, I prefer giving them specific homeopathy medicines.

No Side Effects

The most important reason why, I introduced this alternative medicine to my kiddos is because there are no recorded side effects of using homeopathy medicines.

Totally Safe!

Unlike the conventional medicines, no homeopathy medicine ever has been withdrawn from the market for any reason. This fact re-confirms my belief in the Homeopathic system of medicine being a safe option for my kiddos.

Children love it!

Child receiving homeopathic medication granules - closeup
Child receiving homeopathic medication granules – closeup

One of the biggest advantages of homeopathy medicine is that it doesn’t require much effort to give the children these medicines (unlike the other medicines). The homeopathy globules are sweet to taste, which makes them completely children friendly. Homeopathy treatment gets to the root of the problem and works towards providing a better improvement to the patient.

Faith Factor

I was introduced to homeopathy at an early age for issues like throat pain, common cold, stye, regularising menstrual cycle etc. and since then, my belief in homeopathy has only strengthened. Probably, it’s my faith in this system of medicine that my husband too has started taking Homeopathy seriously. Not only for the kids, but for himself too.

Things to Remember

If you are considering Homeopathy treatment for your children, here’re certain things to keep in mind:

Consult a doctor and discuss the specific symptoms of your kid that need attention.

Have patience. Homeopathy is not magic, it takes time to show the desired results. Your body needs to get used to the homeopathy medicines first.

Have faith in this system of medication. If you don’t believe in it, chances are slim that you will see any positive sides to it.

When treating a chronic condition, find out from your doctor what do you need to avoid while you are on homeopathy medicines? Don’t give your children anything to eat or drink 15 -20 minutes before and after giving the medicines. Usually, doctors advise against the intake of raw onions or garlic during the course of homeopathy medicine.

If your child is already on some allopathy medicine, don’t stop it abruptly. Start giving homeopathy medicines alongside and once she starts responding to Homeopathy, you can re-consider the allopathy dosages.

Homeopathy, indeed works well for my children. You too can give it a shot, if you haven’t already. After all, it’s a natural desire of every Mum to give the best to their little ones and ensure that they enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle.

This is my personal account on Homeopathy. If you have any experience with Homeopathy, feel free to share it with us.

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