Top Activities for Kids During Summer Holidays

Summer vacation is undoubtedly the much awaited holiday time for every child. It is the only long vacation that the children get in the whole year. It is during this time, the kids explore their creative side, pursue new interests, expand their social horizon etc. If you don’t have any immediate travel plans, how do you plan to keep your little ones busy?

Albeit, children love their 2 months break from school regime during summer, but if your children are like mine, they tend to get bored very easily. So, moms let’s buckle up and make this summer a fun filled time for our little champs.

Good Summer Camps Make for a Happy Summer Time


Well, there are mixed reviews about the concept of summer camps. Some moms just send their kids with no prior research, some feel why summer camps when the kids are supposed to enjoy their holidays. Personally, I have no reservations against summer camps. However, my only consideration is that the camp has to offer something really interesting for the children. These days, there are summer camps in every nook and corner of every city. Before you enrol your child for a summer camp, check what does that particular program offer? Will your child really enjoy his time at the summer camp or it is just going to be an extension of his school curriculum? Choosing the right summer camp is important, if you want your child to have a ‘happy summer time’.

Beat the Heat with Splash Pool play

Mum, you are tea-riffic!

Let your kids enjoy their pool time. If not daily, take them swimming atleast every week. Give them suitable gears, play accessories etc. which will enhance your little one’s pool time experience. If space permits, host a pool party at home and invite your kid’s friends and cousins. How about a water balloon play? Sounds fun!

Kitchen Time

A great way to spend quality time with the kids is by baking together or teaching them how to make sandwiches, salads, etc. Now, it’s definitely not a great idea with my 2 year old on my toes, but my 5 year old just enjoys the kitchen sessions. Teach your kids how to make juices and smoothies using summer fruits (like mango, watermelon etc.), milk and more! Next time, when you have guests at home, your children will be too eager to assist you in making the welcome drink for them. Children love such hands-on experience and absorb the indirect lessons fast too (in this case healthy eating, knowledge of fruits, safety concerns while cutting, hygiene etc.).

Ice Fun

Mum, you are tea-riffic! (1)

My 5 year old was very curious to know how ice is formed. He was delighted to find out that ice is actually water in solid form! Even my toddler enjoys the ice activities. Here are some fun ice activities you can do with your kids:

Popsicle Treat

Make ice popsicles at home with your kiddos. If they love orange sticks, blend orange concentrate with milk or ice cream and pour the mix in a popsicle mould. Remember to insert a stick before you put the filled-in mould in the freezer. Take them out of the freezer after a few hours! Don’t miss the sheer delight on your child’s face!

Colourful Ice Cubes

Kids love making colourful ice cubes. If you are mixing paint with water and freezing them, give the ice cubes to your kids for colouring. Children love the effect of the colours from the melted ice cubes on their drawing paper. You may also use natural, edible colours such as orange juice, spinach or coriander extract etc. to make the coloured ice cubes, which you can add in your children’s glass of water. They will just love their colourful glass of water!

Fun with Paints

paint fun

Let your kiddos explore their creative side with crayons, paints, markers etc. Kids love hand and foot painting. Paint your child’s feet with their favourite colour and ask them to walk on a white chart paper, leaving their colourful foot prints. Also, kids enjoy spray painting with old toothbrush, sponge painting, bhindi stamp painting (cut ladies finger into small pieces, dip them in the paint and take the bhindi imprint in the art book). Do different things each day! Your little ones will definitely enjoy their art activities at home.

Garden Activities

plant watering

Summer holidays are a good time to introduce your kids to gardening. Teach them the importance of watering the plants daily. Give them a smaller watercan, which they can use to water the plants. Bear in mind, kids can go overboard with watering, so make sure you tell them the harmful effects of over-watering the plants. Sometimes, instead of watering, they can just spray on the leaves too.

You can also show your child how to sow a seed and encourage him to water it and take care of it regularly. You can plant a seed of chikoo, or tomato or green chillies etc. Your little one’s joy will know no bounds when he sees that the seed he sowed has germinated in to a fruit/ vegetable bearing plant! This is indeed a fantastic way of learning the plant life cycle.

Wash your Vehicle

Girl (4-6) aiming hose at boy (5-7) washing car on driveway, smiling

Wash your car with your kid. When my husband washes his car, my little 5 year old dude keeps him company. The other day, he delighted me by bringing in his own cycle in the washing area and started washing his own vehicle. Since then, it has become routine. The father-son duo wash their respective vehicles together. This is not only a good bonding activity between the father and the son, but also a good lesson for the kids to take care of their belongings and maintain them.

Get Close to the Nature


During the school days, it may not be possible to go for a morning walk. So, take advantage of the holidays. Wake your kids up in the morning and take them for a morning nature walk in a nearby park. You will be amazed to see your kiddo really excited about it and bombarding you with several questions related to his findings during the morning walk. Similarly, at night, just lie down in your terrace or veranda and show your children the moon and the stars. Star gazing is highly therapeutic and good for bonding too.

Summer holidays are always remembered with much fondness. Let’s make it more joyous for our children in simple ways. These are some of the fun things I would do with my 2 year old and 5 year old. Please share your ideas how do you plan to keep your little ones busy and entertained through-out their summer break.

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