Tale of a Mommy of 2- Hit by the Murphy’s Law

Heard of Murphy’s law right? Well, there’s a close and a strong association between Murphy’s law and Motherhood. Here are some original feuds and frustrations that are unique to Mommy-ing. Get a glimpse of how Murphy’s Law plays its role in the life of ‘Mommy Dearest’

I am Ready…Oh! But Wait…

Son and daughter hanging on Super Hero Mom strong arms
Son and daughter hanging on Super Hero Mom strong arms

So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ is all set to go out to meet her friends, with the kids. What an achievement- she is ready before time! Just as she is about to leave, she checks on her 2 year old, only to find out – she has pooped in her diapers. So ‘Mommy Dearest’ cleans her up, puts on a fresh diaper and is about to head out. Just then her 5 year old runs into the room. ‘Mommy Dearest ‘ calls her son, gradually raising her volume , ending up screaming her lungs out – still there’s no response. She goes in to find that the little dude is sitting in the bathroom (pooping) and spraying water all over. “Stop!” She says and in the blink of an eye, ‘Mommy Dearest’ stands there half drenched.

Scatter Away

pic 2

Today, her little angel is in a good mood, so ‘Mommy Dearest’ decides to doll her up. She takes out all those new hair accessories that she bought last week from a flea market. Neatly she does her hair and goes to get her phone to click a picture of her daughter. By the time she’s back in the room…she finds her ‘angel’ pulling out all her hair pins and throwing at all directions in the room!!

And the Clinginess…


So, ‘Mommy Dearest ‘ needs a break and thought of going to the mall. She decides to take her kids and also takes her maid along. Hoping, she can help her manage the kids. Only to find out that the younger one has decided not to walk today. Only, ‘Mommy Dearest’ has to carry her around and at the same time attend to the 5 year old’s demands. While, the maid happily finishes her ice cream and does her window shopping! In fact picks up a few stuff too.

So much for your own Interest!

So,’ Mommy Dearest’ enters the Crossword bookstore, to buy the latest novel of Chitra Banerji Diwakurni. Dear Daughter, runs to the kid’s corner. Picks up a few mugs ( for herself and her big bro), almost breaks one glass mug, throws in a couple of crayon packs in the shopping bag.. Flustered ‘Mommy Dearest ‘ rushes to the billing, pays and almost drags her ‘Dear Daughter’ out of the store. Back home, she finds out that she’s picked all but the book she had gone to buy! And she can hear her kids fighting over the new goodies that she bought from Crossword.

Work away!

So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ settles in her kids with their respective toys and goes back to writing her article. Every 5 minutes, she gets up to pacify her fighting wee duo. However, finally she rejoices, having managed to complete her article (somehow). As she was proofreading the piece of content, the little one appears from nowhere and switches off her laptop!

Sleep and Mothers…oh well!

So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ decides to sleep on the extra single bed (to enjoy a peaceful snooze, without being kicked or sandwiched). Her joy knew no bounds, when the kids obliged and snuggled in with their Daddy. At 3 am, she woke up all sweaty and uncomfortable to find herself lying on the floor, the single bed occupied by the sibling duo, while the ‘Daddy Dearest’ is snoring away to glory, hugging several pillows and sleeping like a King in the king sized bed.

Yippee!! Weekend getaway. .. Get, Set, Bugged!


So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ is excited about her weekend getaway and packs all her vacation clothes, packs suitable toys for the kiddos and off they go. First day, the son starts throwing up. She immediately puts him on SOS medication, which thankfully, worked well. Thanking God, she wakes up the next day, only to find out that the younger one has caught the bug and is throwing up after every meal. So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ and ‘Daddy Dearest’ decide to call it a vacation and start for home. After returning, it was ‘Mommy Dearest’’s turn to start retching!

Oh! How am I going to Survive without the Cacophony Mess Around me for the Next 7 Days?

Summer holidays started. Time to go to Granny’s home. So, ‘Mommy Dearest’ packs the bags for her awwdorable duo . The ‘Daddy Dearest’ appears, pats her back, grins and asks “Movie tonight?” The kiddos are super excited to go to the native and has no clue or are least bothered that they will not see their ‘Mommy Dearest’ for the next 7 days. ‘Mommy Dearest’ bids adieu to the duo and gets back to her work . It’s just 2 hours since the kids left and the quietness, the neatness and busy-less-ness of mommying was already beginning to get to her.

When the kids are around or when they are away, for a mother, #everydayismothersday, everymoment is a mothers moment – since the children occupy a major chunk of every mom’s mind.

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