The Lingo-Bingo – Language Enrichment Program with ”The Latte Mom”

Lingo-Bingo is an interactive English Language enrichment program for kids, comprising of 12 sessions. This is an engaging and self-paced program, orchestrated specifically for the young learners.


There’s no better time to develop language skills than as a child. The Lingo-Bingo program adopts a play-way approach in offering integrated lessons to the participants.

Children are divided in to 2 separate groups:

3.5years – 5years
6years – 8 years

Objectives of the Program:

• Develop love for the English language

Make them :

• Curious readers
• Creative thinkers
• Confident communicators


Story telling

Story telling helps in overall language development. It enhances the children’s listening skills and verbal proficiency. Also, it helps in developing their love for reading. At the same time, their imagination skills and creative thinking is honed too.

Remedial Grammar

Often, kids get confused whether to use ‘of ‘ instead of ‘for’, or use ‘to’ instead of ‘with’ etc. in a sentence. Lingo-Bingo program adopts a fun way to instil these basic grammar skills to minimise confusion in kids when they form a sentence.

Word Bank:

The importance of building vocabulary cannot be underestimated. An extensive word bank helps the child to become a better reader, writer and speaker.


Children learn to put on their thinking cap and speak. In the process, they learn to express themselves outside of their home environment! There’s no right or wrong in this, it’s all about talking.

Creative work:

A couple of sessions in the ‘Lingo-Bingo program’ is dedicated to craft work around the stories that are covered. Along with creative fun, such craft work helps in better retention of information in the kids.

This early exposure to the structured, activity based language learning sparks their interest and lays a strong foundation for future lessons.

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