Benefits of Reading for Kids! Start Early

Being the voracious reader that I have always been, I definitely want to raise ‘reader kids’. In one of my previous posts, I have already discussed what we can do to develop the ‘precious’ habit of reading in our kids. In this post, I am going to focus on the several true benefits of reading.

1.The More you Read, the more you Know:


Reading helps in expanding a child’s imaginative horizon and their comprehension skill is sharpened in the process. By reading different types of books, children gradually learn to understand better and perceive things clearly. Along with that, their knowledge-base expands as well! That is why, you must pick different genre of children’s books to help retain their interest in reading! For example, choose fables, fairy tales, biographies, mythological stories etc. to expose them to the variety of books available out there.

2.Educative Entertainment


Introducing your children to the world of books is definitely a welcome change, if their interests are only geared towards modern day gadgets! For booklovers like me, nothing beats the feeling and smell of a newly bought hardcover……No not even the kindle! Furthermore, through reading, the kids get acclimatized with different experiences – new and relatable, which in the long run make them confident and self-sufficient. For example, if little one has already read ‘The Wobbly Tooth’ from the Rodrick Hunt series, then when he loses his first milk tooth, he will be able to relate to the story and deal with his present ‘situation’ better.

3.Language Development


One of the biggest benefits of reading is language development and this stands true for whatever language you choose to read. Reading helps the kids in building their own word bank. Also, they automatically get a good grasp over sentence formation with proper usage of grammar. They grow up to become better writers too . Thus, in a nutshell, reading is the stepping stone towards enhancing their overall communication skills i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. When children start reading, they get familiar with the non-phonetic words and that is a big help to them, especially when they go through the transition phase from phonetic words to non-phonetic words.

4.Academic Performance


Reading is essentially the food for the brain. The kids learn to focus more and concentrate better, if they read often. Also, their memory bank is sharpened. Such traits help them in performing better in school and boost their confidence level too.

5.Good for Bonding and social Skill Development

A diverse group of tweens reading books.
A diverse group of tweens reading books.

Children love snuggling up to their parents and reading together. This is a good bonding activity indeed. Reading together is a great source of entertainment for our little ones…. try it to believe it! That is why, many children love going to reading clubs, where they have fun reading together and forging new social relationships.

The early you start reading to your little ones, the better. If you get your tiny tots associated with books early on, they automatically develop a strong affinity towards the books and become natural readers, in future. Reading, for sure, is one hell of a ‘precious’ habit that stays with us forever- in every phase of life!

If you can think of other ways how our little ones can benefit from reading, please feel free to share your views.

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