‘Bad Moms’, ‘Bad Moms’ whatcha gonna do….when they come for you?

For me, chic-flicks are passé, mommy flicks are in! The moment I came across the trailer of ‘Bad Moms’… I just knew I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Not only because I adore Mila Kunis but mainly for the ‘catchy’ theme it has! Infact, I took the liberty of changing the famous ‘Inner Circle’ song, ‘bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do…. to….’bad moms’ ‘bad moms’ whatcha gonna do…..only to see my hubby rolling his eyes, my 5 and a half year old trying to hum the same and my 2 and half year least bothered!!

And it’s the Movie Night

bad moms 1

Finally, the movie released and I instantly made a plan, on the very first day, with my mommy bestie! I didn’t even allow her to say no to the plan. This mommy bestie is not my school time bestie but someone I met after becoming a mom ( 2 times over). Both of us have a son and daughter each, exactly 3 years apart. Indeed, there’re several pointers to connect on. Thus, the crux of our closeness is motherhood!

So, we mommies (good/bad/mediocre….like who cares) made a night out plan (woah!). Her hubby was understanding enough to handle the kiddos (or I don’t know, maybe she left no choice). My hubby was travelling on work and children were spending the weekend with their grandma (What’s that saying—when the cat’s away, the mice will play..)!So yeah, all set, the arrangements made, we two mama buddies set out to catch the ‘Bad Moms’.

Were we even Batting our Eye Lids?

The plot not so complicated- a good blend of ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Desperate House wives’. Some parts of the movie predictable, most parts relatable! There’s not a single ‘yawny’ moment , in fact we both were hawk eyed and all ears! Only during the interval, did we quickly take out our respective phones, check on the kiddos and hubby, do a quick social media check and then discuss between us a few ‘relatable’ moments from the movie. Popcorns and nachos all forgotten! (Remember, we are mommy movie-watchers).

Biggest take away from the movie:

‘Well, be it the movie, ‘The Intern’ or ‘Bad Moms’- one common (and important) lesson to realise is that in the whole juggling act of balancing kids, home and career, we need to work towards taking care of our husbands too. In the entire process, the marriage shouldn’t be compromised upon. (Well, only if it’s that important to you.) According to me, my children need their Daddy as much as they need me and most importantly, they benefit a lot from the harmonious relationship between the parents. The biggest gift we can give our little ones is our happy and smiling face (with a dash of crazy too- well that’s just my way).

The movie re-confirmed my belief – that ‘perfect’ moms don’t exist and also, there’s no ‘bad’ mom out there. A mother is a mother is a mother- each having her individual ways! It’s ok, if a couple of days in a month is more like a hit and miss. We mommies need to come out of our constant guilt trip. If we need help, let’s seek. If we need a break, let’s take. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. We are allowed to let our hair down (every now and then). Motherhood ain’t about sacrificing, in fact it’s about growing, along with our children!

If I would watch the movie again….

Sure, why not? After all, the movie reflects many traits of a mother, be it the nail biting moment, when Mila Kunis and her daughter were walking up and down the room, waiting for the soccer team finalists or when Kathryn Hahn and her son exchanged a tight hug at the end of the movie or watching Kristen Bell, managing her tiny tots, single handedly. In a nutshell, the movie portrayed many emotions of a Mom – vulnerability, strength, weakness, smartness and the vigour with which a mom can do anything in the interest of her wee ones!
Woohoo- here’s to the Mother Force.

bad moms 2

P.S: and Yeah..

Jay Hernandez was definitely a treat to the eyes! 😉

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